Cécile Savage: A Unique Musical Blend!
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Welcome to the musical voyage that started in Paris and meanders through Europe, Africa and North America. Cécile plays who she is: a blend of French Cabaret and American Jazz. Born in Martinique, raised in Paris, she studied piano for many years. She moved to New York City where she joined the Living Theater for a while and then decided to devote her life entirely to music. She studied guitar with Ted Dunbar through the Jazzmobile program.

It is then that she started to play electric bass with blues harmonicist Sugar Blue, with whom she also toured with Memphis Slim, Louisiana Red and Willie Mabon. She decided to move to Chicago where she performed with Blues and Jazz musicians such as Jimmy Dawkins, Von Freeman, Fred Anderson, Franz Jackson, Floyd McDaniel, George Freeman, Oscar Brown Jr., Redd Holt and many more.
She performed at the 2008 Chicago Jazz Festival : Tribute to Malachi Favors. She also co-led "Komango" with pianist Calvin "Koco" Brunson, adding her mellow voice and her own compositions to a culturally diverse repertoire steeped in the African American, French and Brazilian traditions.
She mainly plays a 5 string Alter Ego electric upright bass, made in Rome, Italy. She combines all musical elements in a style which is truly her own.
Her music reflects her many influences: French lyricism, bluesy melodies and passion, and her own jazz compositions with Brazilian overtones. She is now a new resident in the Tremé neighbohood of New Orleans.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Jazz studies from Roosevelt University in Chicago, a Masters in Education from DePaul University and a Masters in Music Education from Vandercook College of Music




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